Curmudgeon: An ill-tempered (and frequently old) person full of stubborn ideas or opinions.

beardSo I’m just a few months away from turning 50. It doesn’t really concern me. Age is just a number after all, as a wise woman once told me, and she’s absolutely right.

It’s not like I’ll wake up on my birthday – okay, it’s July 15th, since you’re asking – and suddenly feel old. I can see with my own reading glasses that I’m ageing. I’m bald, my beard, magnificent though it is, is laced with grey. My body aches after exercise, which sometimes just constitutes walking up and down the stairs.

I tune in now to Radio 4, and prefer to listen to a programme called ‘Can you be a feminist and an Orthodox Jewish woman’ than just about any other station which features occasional music and an over-abundance of inane chat from the DJ; the exception is Absolute 80s because the tunes are top-class.

I feel that I’ve embraced middle-aged rather than run from it, and in particular, the joy of being a curmudgeon. I take the label as a compliment.

Just as I’m looking forward to my senior years when I can wear a suit, shirt, tie, jumper and a pair of trainers, I’m now relishing the chance to display some curmudgeonly traits without apology.

And rather than just keep all this to myself, or annoy, infuriate or exasperate my family with my ramblings or ranting, I’ve decided to share it all with you.

No, honestly, there’s no need to thank me.

So in the weeks and months ahead, you can look forward to my thoughts on a whole range of subjects. I won’t spoil the surprise by revealing what I’ll be writing about – my middle-aged memory means I can’t remember everything which annoys or irritates me, so it’ll take me a while to compile that list – but fear not, A Curmudgeon Writes is coming soon. You have been warned!

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