My first novel, Saints and Sinners, was published in June 2010 by Black & White Publishing which, as you’d expect, was a thrilling prospect. I’d waited almost forty-four years to achieve this ambition but it was worth the wait.

The novel is ‘a fast-paced historical thriller set in Victorian Glasgow which brilliantly captures the desperation and poverty in the Irish immigrant community of the city’s East End.’

These are not my words although I couldn’t have put it better myself. Saints and Sinners is told through the varying perspectives of the three main characters – a fugitive, a priest and a prostitute: two brothers and the woman they both love.

It’s a compelling story of love and betrayal, obsession and faith – and the consequences of trying to run from the past.

But if you don’t believe me, then listen to these guys…



  • “An assured, brilliantly paced first novel. This is a story that has all the charm of its always-intriguing hero and builds to a climax that is gripping, powerful and explosive. Cuddihy has a talent for plot and an enviable poise in drawing authentic characters facing the crises of love and death.”
    Hugh MacDonald, The Herald


  • “Like Patrick Magill’s modern classic, Children of the Dead End, Paul Cuddihy’s debut novel Saints and Sinners is a brilliant fusion of family drama, political thriller and historical romance.”
    Professor Willy Maley


  • “A robust novel of heady times in a rough city. Cuddihy’s characters and story feel like history, not fiction. Yet Saints and Sinners has all the drama and forward thrust of a movie.”
    Chris Dolan

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29/06/2010 – Videos from book launch now available



24/06/2010 – Lights, Camera, Action!

Saints and Sinners could be coming to the big screen after a London-based film company revealed they’re looking at the book.

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