(G) …  D                                           Am
          Close your eyes.. and don’t look back

C                                   G
Cause what you see… would break your heart.


D                  Am
I had a dream… I saw a new tomorrow.

C                             G
I sailed away into a daily life of pain and sorrow.

D                       Am
I had a dream… I prayed for something better,

C                                      G
But what that was I can’t remember.




D                    Am
I had a love… it made my heart beat stronger,

C                                   G
But now it’s gone I don’t how I can go on much longer.

D                    Am
I had a love… as bright as a Donegal morning,

C                                            G
And then it darkened without warning.




D                  Am
I had a life… where the grass was always greener,

C                                          G
I can’t go back because I’m trapped inside a world that’s meaner.

D                Am
I had a life… a dream, a love to sing of,

C                                             G
But now that music’s stopped forever.




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