Verse 1

Em                                           G
‘Twas a day like no other, let me tell you right now.

D                                        Em
When I stood with me mother and our heads they did bow.

The drum beat so slowly, the sky turned to grey

D                                    Em
As they brought out Dan Foley for his own judgement day.



Am                                        C                               G               D
‘Twas  in Glasgow town for to take on the crown, Dan Foley he did go… But the

Am                              C                                         G                  D
traitors they sang, and brave Dan did hang, And all Ireland she did mourn…


Verse 2

               Em                             G
He was a proud Galway man, of that there’s no lie.

D                              Em
And in God’s own fair land it was there he would die.

They matched through the crowd to the gallows so tall,

D                                      Em
But Dan was still proud to have answered the call.




Verse 3

Em                            G
The people did cheer as he shouted out loud

D                                         Em
And the words they did hear would have made Erin proud.

I’m giving my life to the country I love

D                               Em
Said the bold Dan Foley as he looked to above.




Em                                       G
With a rope round his neck ‘twas the time to all pray

D                                     Em
That God would greet Dan on this cold winter’s day.

Then the order was made, and the deed it was done…

D                        Em
And Ireland had lost yet another brave son.




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