Here are all the poems selected by guests in the Read All About It Extra Poetry Special podcast.

The Queen of Sheba by Kathleen Jamie (Karen Campbell

The Sick Rose by William Blake (Neil Mackay)

Blind Horse by Norman MacCaig (Catriona Child)

G.M. Hopkins in Glasgow by Edwin Morgan (Willy Maley)

Epistle To A Young Friend by Robert Burns (Dini Power)

Fireworks by Tom Leonard (Paul Cuddihy)

Flowers by Wendy Cope (Alison McConnell)

John Anderson My Jo by Robert Burns (Martin Greig)

Kids’ Poem/Bairns’ Sang by Liz Lochhead (Jan Patience)

Strawberries by Edwin Morgan (Karen Jones)

The Story Wheel by Joy Harjo (Iain Maloney)

A Man’s a Man For a’ That by Robert Burns (Paul Lyons)

Love After Love by Derek Walcott (Janne Moller)

Yesterday Is History by Emily Dickinson (Hugh MacDonald)

The Statue of the Virgin at Granard Speaks by Paula Meehan (Margot McCuaig)

Proverbios y Cantares (Songs & Proverbs) by Antonio Machado (Chris Dolan)

Where Go The Boats by Robert Louis Stevenson (Rebecca Norman)